Communication system and communications

The field of telecommunications and postal services is an important component of the economic and social infrastructure, the development of which is of great importance. Information and communication technologies play an extremely important role in the transformation of the economy, in enhancing competitiveness. The industry is developing steadily, from year to year increasing the volume and expanding the range of services provided.

  • High competition in the telecommunications market;
  • Implementation of large projects in the field of telecommunications infrastructure;
  • Construction of new post offices;
  • High demand for broadband Internet access;
  • Demand for equipment in connection with the transition to digital broadcasting;
  • The use of the Internet as a means of developing small and medium businesses and innovations;
  • Development of postal and logistics infrastructure as an element of electronic commerce;
  • High demand for ICT specialists.
  • High demand for broadband Internet access;
  • Demand for equipment in connection with the transition to digital broadcasting;
  • The use of the Internet as a means of developing small and medium businesses and innovations;
  • High demand for ICT specialists and threats in the communications industry.

Road industry

The road network of North Kazakhstan region is 8,998 km, of which 1,468 km are of republican significance, 2,487 km are of regional significance and 5,043 km of regional significance.

The network of republican highways is designed to ensure the exit of the region to neighboring countries and regions, and through them to foreign countries. Local roads provide communication between individual settlements, regional centers and the regional center, being a kind of offshoot of the republican roads.

  • The location of the area at the intersection of important transport routes;
  • A wide network of transport communications;
  • High density of roads;
  • Lack of roads in some cities of the region.
  • Road upgrading;
  • Reconstruction, capital, medium repair of local roads and artificial structures on them.

Automobile transport

To meet the population in passenger traffic in the region there are 218 bus routes, including urban-25 suburban-12, intercity inter-regional-86, international-7, inter-regional-27, intra-district-61.

The transport and communication complex of Northern Kazakhstan combines rail, road, water and air transport.

  • The development of competition in transportation;
  • High efficiency and mobility compared to other modes of transport;
  • The share of road transport in the total volume of transported passengers by all modes of transport is 99%;
  • The share of road transport in the total volume of transported goods by all modes of transport is 98%;
  • Roads for individual regions are the only transport links.
  • Improving the quality of transport and road services;
  • The introduction of environmentally friendly technologies;
  • Reconstruction and modernization of the existing infrastructure;
  • Licensing of road carriers.

Electricity, heat and gas supply.

Special attention is paid to the issue of energy development in the region.

The energy complex of the North Kazakhstan region is represented by the companies of the SEVKAZENERGO group, Kokshetau Energo LLP.

JSC North Kazakhstan REC carries out transportation and distribution of electricity for the city of Petropavlovsk and eight northern regions of the region (Akkainsky, Esilsky, Zhambylsky, Kyzylzharsky, Mamlyutsky, M. Zhumabayeva, Timiryazevsky, Shal akyna).

The length of power transmission lines of JSC North Kazakhstan REC in the region is 13,369 km, the number of substations is 2469 pcs.

Kokshetau Energo LLP transmits and distributes electrical energy in five southern districts of North Kazakhstan Oblast (Ayyrtau, Akzhar, named after G. Musrepov, Tayinshinsky, Ualihanov). The company’s balance sheet contains 8.9 thousand km of overhead and cable power lines, 1,749 substations and transformer points.

The main activity of Petropavlovsk Heat Networks LLP is the transportation and distribution of heat energy to consumers in Petropavlovsk. The total length of the heating networks of the company Petropavlovsk Heat Networks LLP is 233.5 km, of which the main networks are 84.7 km, and the distribution networks - 148.8 km.

Gas supply area.

In the region, only liquefied petroleum gas is used for production and domestic needs. The annual consumption of the region in 2017 amounted to 43.2 thousand tons, in 2015 - 25.5 thousand tons.

Supply of liquefied gas to the population and enterprises in the districts of the region is carried out through gas cylinders, gas filling stations and group tank installations.

The supply of liquefied gas in Petropavlovsk to multi-storey buildings through group tank installations is provided by Gorgaz-Service LLP. 324 GRU, 460 km of gas pipelines are at the service of the enterprise Gorgaz-Service LLP. The company provides gas to 722 multi-storey buildings in the city of Petropavlovsk. The number of subscribers is 54.6 thousand.

  • The presence of energy potential;
  • Provision of heat and electricity, liquefied gas;
  • High density of power grids of the region;
  • The sale of electricity outside the region;
  • Ensuring the growing needs of the region in heat and electricity.
  • Modernization of housing and communal services in the framework of the Nurly Zhol State Program for Infrastructure Development for 2015-2019.
  • Reducing losses in the transmission and distribution of energy.

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