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Starting a business

Digital signature
Digital signature

EDS is an electronic document attribute obtained as a result of cryptographic transformation of information using the signature private key and allowing to verify the absence of information distortion in the electronic document from the moment of signature generation (integrity), the signature key belongs to the owner of the signature key certificate (authorship), and if successful confirm the fact of signing an electronic document (non-repudiation).

Registration as a taxpayer
Registration as a taxpayer

State registration of taxpayers is the introduction of information about a taxpayer in the State Register of Taxpayers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is maintained by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the purpose of exercising control over the correctness of calculation and timely payment of taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget. When state registration of a taxpayer, he is assigned a taxpayer registration number and is issued a taxpayer certificate.

Business registration
Business registration

The state registration of a legal entity is carried out by the body of justice at the place of its location.

Since September 2004, an innovation has been introduced in the Republic in the order of state registration of legal entities, on the principle of "one window". The applicant applies for registration with one state institution (Population Service Center - PSC), which is subordinate to the Ministry of Justice, which, within the framework of one procedure, registers the applicant with tax and statistical records, as well as directly with the state registration itself.

As a result of the applicant's application to the registering body, 3 documents are issued simultaneously to a registered legal entity: a certificate of state registration of a legal entity, a statistical card and a certificate of registration of the taxpayer.

Thus, three registration authorities are involved in this registration procedure - the bodies of justice, statistics and tax authorities.

The deadline for receipt of registration documents in the Public Service Centers is 15 days (9 days for small businesses), which includes the term of registration of the entity as a legal entity, assignment of unified identification and other system-accounting codes and tax registration.

Opening a Bank account
Opening a Bank account

Opening, maintaining and closing bank accounts of clients in banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan is governed by the Rules for opening, maintaining and closing bank accounts of clients in banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Opening a bank account is only possible with the provision of a certificate of state registration of a legal entity or a certificate of account registration of a branch and a representative office.

Bank accounts can be opened and maintained both in tenge and in foreign currency and are divided into current, savings accounts, card accounts and correspondent accounts.

A license
A license

One of the projects launched in the framework of "electronic government" of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is the information system "E-licensing".

Through the portal www.elicense.kz You can apply for about 500 types of business activities in industry, architecture and construction, export-import and others. The application is accepted and processed by the relevant government agencies.

Install the application:
1) Open the website in Safari
2) Click save
3) Add to home screen