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Import substitution program in action - new brick plant in North-Kazakhstan region

Import substitution program in action - new brick plant in North-Kazakhstan region

"Kirpitch-SK" LLP has launched a brick plant in the North-Kazakhstan region. The project was implemented with the support of "NC "KAZAKH INVEST" JSC.

With the participation of the Akim of the North Kazakhstan region, Kumar Aksakalov brick plant was put into operation at a total cost of about 2 billion tenge. The Head of the local administration noted that housing construction in the region is going on at an active pace and the need for quality building materials is growing.

"The construction of a 9 story house with a total area of 126 sq. m. requires 1.8 million bricks. At the same time, the annual capacity of a new plant in Podgornoe village will allow construction of 22 nine-story buildings or 2.7 thousand apartments", - Kumar Aksakalov emphasized.

The production capacity of "Kirpich-SK" LLP is about 150 thousand bricks per day or 4.5 million per month. For the people will open 90 new jobs. Here, at the initial stage, the production of the plant will cover 30% of the region's needs in this building material. 

"Three years ago, when we started building the plant on the land plot near the quarry, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and there were difficulties in transporting the cargo from China to Kazakhstan. Thanks to the support of the Akimat of the North-Kazakhstan region, the social entrepreneurial corporation "Soltustyk" and KAZAKH INVEST, who provided full support and full support to the project, all the problematic issues were solved promptly", - said the founder of "Kirpich-SK" LLP Garik Bernetsyan.

"I would like to note that implementing projects in which one hundred percent Kazakhstan participation is increasing every day. The North Kazakhstan region actively supports the import substitution program, creating all opportunities for local entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. KAZAKH INVEST attracts not only foreign investors to the regions but also encourages the activity of Kazakh entrepreneurs", -  said Regional Director of KAZAKH INVEST for North Kazakhstan region Daniyar Shalabayev.

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Under the investment contract concluded with the Committee on Investments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the company is exempted from value-added tax and customs duties when importing equipment from China. Also, the investor received a state grant, which gives him the right of temporary gratuitous use of land with the subsequent gratuitous transfer of ownership or land use in case of fulfillment of investment obligations following the investment contract.

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