State support of agroindustrial complex

Priority Sectors

Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities
Fisheries and aquaculture
Food production
Manufacture of beverages
Priority investment projects
Processing and preserving of meat and production of meat products
Processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans and molluscs
Processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables
Manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats
Manufacture of grain mill products, starches and starch substances
Manufacture of other food products (sugar, cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery, tea and coffee, prepared foods, baby food and dietary products)
Priority investment projects
Industry, including investment subsidies of the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Financial support measures

The signing of the investment contract*
The location of the project in a special economic zone, with relevant industry backgrounds**
Corporate income tax
VAT on imports
Land tax
Customs duties
Real estate tax
*Exemption for a period of 8 and 10 years
** Exemption for the duration of the FEZ
Exemption from VAT on importation of equipment
Investment contract
SEZ with relevant industry backgrounds
By set-off without payment*

VAT refund

when exporting products foreign markets
*A list of imported goods on which VAT is paid by offset method and rules of its formation approved by Order of acting Minister of national economy of Kazakhstan from 21.02.2018, No. 67
Special tax regime for agricultural producers*
Social tax
Real estate tax
The transport tax
Discount 70% according to the approved list
*According To Article 697 Of The Tax Code Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan

State support of agroindustrial complex

Concessional financing*
Economy simple things
Subsidised loan of up to 6%
Loan term – 10 years
Grace period on principal and an interest rate of up to 28 months
The share of own participation of 15%
A firm pledge from 20% to 70%
Business road map-2025
Funding for the processing of plant products
The subsidized loan until 6
Minimum loan amount: from 3 billion tenge
Loan term: up to 20 years
Grace period: the principal amount and interest rate
The share of private participation: 20%
A firm pledge: 30%
Support SMEs through lending under the Program "Economy of simple things"
The terms of the loan
Rate: 6% to KZT
Term: up to 10 years
The guarantee of the loan: from 20 to 50%
Allocated amount (700 billion)
200 billion tenge - processing in the agricultural sector
500 billion tenge - production in the agricultural sector
*Current conditions located on the official websites of these organizations
International banks financing the projects APK
Co-financing of the project

State funds enter the portion of the project in the amount of up to 50%

Other forms of financial support

Export financing

Loan insurance

Co-financing the development of feasibility studies for the Bank

Official sites of financial institutions engaged in project Finance

State support of agroindustrial complex

Subsidies and cost recovery in crop production
Grant for investments*

39 certificates for the construction and expansion of facilities, purchase of machinery and equipment

Poultry farms, dairy farms, meat processing plants, feedlots, fish farms, vegetable and grain storage facilities, processing, freezing of fruits and vegetables, mills and other
*According To Article 697 Of The Tax Code Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan

The creation and expansion of irrigation systems and drip irrigation

Infrastructure intake and the water supply to the irrigation system

Equipment including irrigation systems and drip irrigation systems

*According To Article 697 Of The Tax Code Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan
Subsidies and cost recovery

Other subsidies in crop production

Irrigation water
Cleaning costs
The production of priority crops
Other CIS
Subsidies in farming
The development of livestock breeding

Cheaper costs for purchasing pedigree livestock abroad, to:

Subsidies in farming
To increase the productivity and product quality

The cheaper cost in the fattening and meat production

The cheaper cost of calves sold for fattening in the area with a capacity of not less than 1,000 head at a time 200 Tg/kg live weight
Reduce the cost of procurement of beef meat processing companies, slaughter and primary processing of cattle meat 175 Tg/kg
The cheapening of the cost of fattening calves for fattening grounds with a capacity of 1,000 head at a time 200 Tg/kg weight gain of
Reduce the cost of poultry meat production 80 Tg/kg
Reduce the cost of milk production, farms with feed number of cows from 600 head up to 35 Tg/kg-goal weight
Cheapening the cost of implementation of the lambs 3000 Tg/goal
Other subsidies

How to apply for subsidies in agriculture

Methods of application

Format of submission of documents

The public service centers of the NAO "CC "Government for citizens"

On paper

Digital platform for business Qoldau (crop)


Information system of subsidies (zhivotnovodstvo)


Business support

Reimbursement of expenses for subjects of industrial-innovative activities to raise productivity and the development of regional clusters

Reimbursement of expenses for subjects of industrial-innovative activities for promotion of domestic processed goods, works and services IN the DOMESTIC market

Reimbursement of expenses for subjects of industrial-innovative activities for promotion of domestic processed goods IN FOREIGN MARKET

Activities in special economic and industrial zones

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