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Oil extraction plant will be built in North Kazakhstan region

Oil extraction plant will be built in North Kazakhstan region

The Kazakh company "Maslo-Del" with the support of "NC" KAZAKH INVEST" JSC will launch a plant for processing oilseeds in the North Kazakhstan region. The project with a total cost of 15 billion tenge, which will create about 250 permanent jobs.

The company has already begun the first stage of construction and installation work, within which piles are driven under storage tanks and a workshop for collecting cake and finished products is being built. Next year, it is planned to build a main plant for processing oilseeds, where about 300 thousand tons of raw materials will be processed per year.

“The plant in Petropavlovsk will become one of the most modern and technologically advanced in the country. This year, the main task is to complete the fundamental work for binz, to complete the shop for storing cake and finished products. Next year we are planning the construction of the main workshop and the supply of equipment from Belgium. I would like to note the great interest of the regional leadership in this project, we, as investors, receive good support from the regional akimat and KAZAKH INVEST,” said Pavel Selivanov, General Director of Maslo-Del LLP.

By the way, in addition to creating new jobs, the construction of the plant will ensure the development of the economic and industrial potential of the region.

“The project is very large for our region. We are happy to help and advise domestic entrepreneurs in the implementation of such projects. Our region is the leader in the country in the cultivation of oilseeds, the sown area reaches 1 million hectares. At the same time, to date, only 20% of raw materials are processed, and after implementing this project, processing will increase to 50%,” said Daniyar Shalabayev, regional director of KAZAKH INVEST in North Kazakhstan.

According to the General Director of Maslo-Del LLP, 25% of the products produced by the plant will go to the domestic market of the country. The remaining 75% will close the "export holes".

“Only Chinese processors are ready to buy 10 thousand tons of Kazakh oil monthly. There is a great demand for it abroad. The new oil extraction plant will help the northern region to take care of establishing new partnerships and fill local needs,” added Pavel Selivanov.

It is worth noting that today the assortment of MASLO-DEL LLP includes more than 100 types of products: butter and vegetable oils, industrial fats, margarines, mayonnaises, ketchups, long-term storage milk, condensed milk, etc.

For reference: "MASLO-DEL" company, one of the largest food production companies in Kazakhstan. The company employs more than 2,000 employees, of which the number of the sales team is about 860 people.

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